Updated: Jan 31

Welcome to our very first blogpost.

As we post write our very first entry, the world is also going through a lot of bad news - corona virus scare, displacement of people from Taal Volcano eruption, so on and so forth. As many people would say, this is a full packed January 2020 with major events that would normally happen over a span of six months time. Whew! But life goes on. We take precautions, do and help as much as we can, as we move forward with our own day-to-day grind.

Meanwhile, as a travel company and with the abundance of sad/bad news around, we hope to contribute in providing you a source of inspiring, insightful and meaningful stories.

Travel gives us the gift of wonder and inspiration. Thus, we would like to share with you these stories and encounters, as we run our tours and do our research trips around our beloved country.


For our travelers and partner bloggers, if you have stories that you would like to share with us, that fits into Meaningful Travels Ph's theme of EXPLORATION, CULTURAL IMMERSION and GIVING BACK, please feel free to reach us at for your contribution.

We are definitely excited to have this page going and we can't wait to share these beautiful stories with you. Have an amazing day!

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